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The systematic shielding of the Sackler family from accountability is one of the greatest cover-ups ever orchestrated. We seek to give hope to the hopeless: the opioid survivors and their family members who have lost faith in justice due to the DOJ's latest settlement with the Sackler family. We are committed to avoiding future epidemics--and in order to achieve it, we recognize the need to educate leaders, organizations, and the powerful about the consequences of acting as "curtains" for these actors.



We call for the following:



That Attorney General of the United States William Barr or his predecessor Jeffrey Rosen withdraw the settlement before their remaining terms.  Failing this, we call that the DOJ publishes the written settlement agreement, as requested by several members of Congress in their open letter viewable here. [link to letter




Failing the above, we call for Attorney General Barr, his predecessor Jeffrey Rosen or the incoming Attorney General under the Biden administration to ensure that any settlement agreement does not prevent future civil or criminal claims against the Sacklers, as requested by the Congress members in their letter.



That the DOJ reconsider federal charges of conspiracy and grand larceny against the eight members of the Sackler family named in Maura Healey’s court filing of 2019. [link to court filing]




That if the above calls to action are not exercised, that Congress and/or the Committee of Oversight and Reform open an investigation into the DOJ's decision to offer a settlement. 



That the decision of bankruptcy judge Robert Drain to shield the Sacklers be appealed. 



That Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family's other pharmaceutical holdings be sold privately. The DOJ has promised to remove Purdue Pharma from Sackler hands, but this promise is not enough. The government has no business in these pharmaceutical sales, which would create a conflict of interest between finances and drug approvals by government actors. The masquerade of public ownership for the company would prevent the government from keeping strict oversight over the entity, and perhaps even allow the Sacklers to continue to influence it.



Some senators have demanded that the communications between the Justice Department, Giuliani Partners, and representatives of the defendants in the United States vs. Purdue Frederick Company, Inc. (2007) be made publicly available. We demand that the terms of the 2007 Purdue Frederick settlement be made accessible to the public so that Americans can evaluate these proceedings in light of Rudy Giuliani’s alleged wrongdoings.



We demand that the DOJ create educational grants to be used to design and fund learning about the Sacklers’ work in the pharmaceutical space and therefore the harm they have caused to humanity. Research created in these programs, and its findings, recommendations, and solutions, should be made accessible to the public. 




The documents here, released as part of a tsunami of civil lawsuits hitting Purdue Pharma, have sparked growing criticism of the management consulting firm McKinsey and Company. McKinsey was anonymized in court documents until these incriminating slides came to light, but it can be permitted to serve as a "curtain" no longer.  McKinsey has large contracts with the federal government: it received $173 million in contracts in 2019. The General Services Administration (GSA) which helps manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies has terminated its contracts with McKinsey for reasons unrelated to the Purdue lawsuits (see here). 


Noting the new information, we demand that the Biden administration push for a substantial decrease in federal contracts to McKinsey, if not all, as many have called for already (see here).




That Committee of Oversight and Reform Chairwoman, Carolyn Maloney, exercise her authority on behalf of the American people to issues subpoenas to Richard Sackler, David Sackler, Kathe Sackler, Mortimer D.A. Sackler, and Purdue Pharma CEO Craig Landau.




That artists around the world turn their art into a "missile" by using it to protect their communities starting with making sure the Sackler’s now export business doesn’t enter their countries.  

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