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Lisa Monaco



December 3, 2021



In the recent past the curtains were made with the faces of the persons shielding The Sackler’s from Criminal Prosecution. Today we came before the Deputy USAG Lisa Monaco to plead with her to lift the veil (curtain), expose The Sackler’s and INDICT them all.

Why? On October 28, 2021 Deputy USAG Lisa Monaco held a press conference purporting that she was going to make White Collar Crimes a priority; including Healthcare FRAUD. The Sackler’s have grossly profited from healthcare “corporate malfeasance”. 

The Sackler’s have perpetuated the most egregious and heinous White Collar Crimes ever against humanity. The President has had to mandate a National Public Health & Safety Emergency. In April 2021, The Hill reported the Big House was calling out the other Big House in this matter. The Department of Justice (“D.O.J.”) fought back, advising The White House to mind their own business.

For more than 25 years The Sackler’s, the family that owns and makes the decisions for Purdue Pharma, have knowingly, willfully and systematically poisoned citizens across our land and around the world. They have done so for more than 25 years with Oxycontin and back to the mid 1950’s with Librium, Valium, MS-Contin, Hyslinga ER and Butrans; all habit forming.

The Puppet Masters who own Purdue Pharma, The Sackler’s, have admitted and been charged by the Department of Justice with crimes of fraud and deception byPurdue Pharma unto OUR Government and The People multiple times (“repeat offenders”). Purdue Pharma is a Corporation in which all decisions were made by the Sackler Family members. Purdue Pharma is a Corporation that is reduced to a legal piece of paper. The REAL criminals are The Sackler Family. To be clear, The Sackler’s became one of the wealthiest families in the world by their heinous actions (blood money). In August of 2021 they once again lobbied The D.O.J.. OUR D.O.J. continues to allow The Sackler’s to buy their way out of criminal prosecution with fines and use Attorneys and Consultants for Pre-Trial diversions and Bankruptcy FRAUD.

Profits over human life are NOT acceptable at the expense of the National American Mental Health Tragedy that has spiraled out of control into the grassroots of our communities across all 50 States and Puerto Rico. An American Tragedy that all started with Arthur, Mortimer & Raymond Sackler and has continued through their descendents for seven decades.

The time has come for Deputy USAG Lisa Monaco to have integrity and step forward to lift her curtain, expose and hold accountable the deep rooted evil Sackler’s that continue to harm our citizens. Will Deputy USAG Lisa Monaco honor her word before OUR Country and “be bold” by INDICTING The Sackler’s for their perpetual White Collar Crimes that include mass murders? Will she lift her veil or continue to SHIELD The Sackler’s?

Not one more appointed or elected government official should be “SHIELDING” The Sackler’s with it estimated that trillions of dollars are needed for Nationwide Recovery. Nor should WE THE PEOPLE be tolerating the blatant lack of response by the D.O.J. to protect our families nationally.

- Ellen Isaacs

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