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Robert Drain

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With the Curtains, we seek to go head-on with those who have made these pharmaceutical crimes possible by hiding and overlooking the Sackler crimes as if it was okay.  Who we will go after is yet to be seen but today, Aug. 9, 2021, we decided to go after judge Robert Drain and here’s why?

Judge Bob Drain will be in the history of the United States as a dark figure. An image that operates from the banality of evil in his lack of appreciation for the lives of the numerous victims caused by the consumption of OxiContin sold by Purdue Pharma LP's, whose owners are the Sackler family.


Drain began overseeing the pharmaceutical company's bankruptcy in 2019, and from there he has become the most famous bankruptcy judge in the United States, and not in a good way - as the press opines.


As bankruptcy judge, Drain approved the investigation of Purdue Pharma and the company's owners, the billionaire Sackler family, through an Independent Committee that reviewed potential claims against the Sacklers, whose influence over the Independent Committee and members of Purdue's Board of Directors was expected.


The result: a flawed process in which Judge Drain, after a contentious five-hour hearing, stated: "there is no evidence to suggest that the independence of the board members has been compromised," but decided that the court documents submitted to request the investigation, were so misleading that a new investigation was necessary to remove any "taint" on the bankruptcy process.


Bob Drain disrespectfully pushes aside the lives that have been affected by OxyCotin use, seeking only settlement rather than litigation. He continues to support the Sackler family's impunity achieved through large sums of money.

What do Curtains want from judge Robert Drain?

1.  We are asking him to retract his decision to shield the eight members of the Sackler family from being civilly sued.

2. As a last resort, we are asking him to assign a public examiner on his decision (which he can only do) so that the case is examined by a third party and advise him on better deciding on this case.

3.  Thirdly, if he doesn’t achieve any of the above, we are asking judge Robert Drain to resign. 

Our History

On September 01, 2021....

in a historic decision, Judge Drain’s Southern District Court of New York, is likely to give the Sacklers, and therein Purdue Pharma, complete immunity for their participation in the killing of over 500,000 Americans.

What are the counts against Judge Drain?

● Judge Drain’s bankruptcy court is a vehicle for Purdue and other corporations to bypass our justice system, enrich themselves and walk free of consequences for their serious crimes against humanity.

● No one from the Sackler family nor from Purdue Pharma will go to jail, and thanks to judge Robert Drain, all of it’s executives will keep millions they received from the Sackler-run Purdue Pharma to buy their silence. The Sacklers themselves will keep billions despite causing the deaths of close to a million Americans.

● Worse yet, despite having civil suits amounting to over a trillion dollars and costing states hundreds of billions in damages, this court under Robert Drain serves as the “iron curtain,” shielding them from paying for their costly damages to our country.

Gallery / August 9th 2021

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