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The Curtains has targeted individuals who have shielded and protected Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family that owned the company.


Today we are seeking to introduce the Drain Curtain Law, which aims to preserve the fundamental trust we place in our courts and judges that has been put into question by the same judge who approved and sided with Purdue Pharma in his court. 


In the eyes of many, justice is blind, and our judges, the guardians of that justice, are expected to uphold the highest standards of impartiality and fairness. However, Drain cast a shadow over this perception when, months after ruling in favor of Purdue Pharma, he accepted a job at Skadden, the same law firm that defended Purdue in his court.


This is something we cannot afford to ignore, for it threatens the very foundation of our legal system and will further empower bad actors in our country who will feel empowered to promote faulty and dangerous products, kill Americans, and know they can escape justice.  


Judge Drain presided over the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case, a case that held immense significance due to the opioid crisis that has devastated countless communities across our nation. As a judge, he was entrusted with ensuring that justice was served, evaluating the evidence without bias, and making decisions in the public's best interest.


Yet, what happened next has left many questioning the integrity of our legal system. Shortly after ruling that victims could not sue Purdue Pharma civilly, Judge Drain found employment at the very law firm that defended Purdue Pharma in the same case. This sequence of events raises serious ethical concerns and shakes the very core of our judicial system's credibility.


For this reason, The-Curtains proposes a new law that will prevent judges from accepting employment with law firms that have represented parties in cases they presided over. This law is not about singling out individuals but safeguarding the principles underpinning our justice system. It reinforces the public's trust that justice is blind and impartial and that the allure of future employment does not influence judges’ decisions.


Our legal system thrives when it operates transparently and fairly without hinting at impropriety. This law is not just about Judge Drain; it's about protecting the sanctity of our courts and ensuring that justice is delivered without bias or conflict of interest.


Read the law here

Protest at DOJ 

22th September, 2023. 

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