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William Barr, December 16th, 2020, Curtain!



Cur·​tain | \ ˈkər-tᵊn: a device or agent that conceals or acts as a barrier.


Curtains is ultimately an activist project -- a work of protest

art against those who shield dangerous actors in our society.


These Curtains are a symbol, spotlighting the enablers obscuring wrongdoers who harm others for financial or political gain. Currently, we are targeting the many people who shield the criminals responsible for the opioid crisis from facing legal, civil, political, and social ramifications for their actions.


These “curtains” are the barriers standing between our world and a just one. If our systems won’t hold wrongdoers accountable, then that task falls to us. We will protect the unprotected, mend the broken, and speak for the silenced. We encourage others to practice moral courage and stand with us.


United States Attorney General William Barr



Over 500,000 have died in the American opioid epidemic:  in great part as a result of the inhumane actions of the eight key members of the Sackler family.


The Department of Justice greenlit a settlement that keeps Purdue Pharma alive and involves no serious penalties whatsoever for the Sacklers. In so doing, the DOJ and resignee Attorney-General Barr are ignoring Americans’ cries for justice. 

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